Schneider Electric extends Galaxy VS with internal smart battery modules to 100kW

N+1 module configuration increased system availability by up to 10 times
(Image: Schneider Electric)

16 April 2020

Schneider Electric has extended the Galaxy VS 3-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with internal smart battery modules from 10-100kw.

It also announced support for internal N+1 module level redundancy, which it said improves system availability by up to ten times.

Galaxy VS with internal batteries is now the highest density uninterruptible power supply in the industry, making it suitable for edge computing and critical infrastructures.




Offering 99% efficiency in ECOnversion mode, the company claimed that Galaxy VS users will be able to recover their initial investment within two to three years through energy savings alone.

Compactly designed, with full front access, the Galaxy VS is easily serviced and suitable for confined spaces. Its modular architecture supports maximum availability as critical system components are built as modules for faster serviceability and fault tolerance.

Further, the internal smart battery modules improve availability with added battery flexibility and monitoring, redundant battery strings, and self-configuration. It added that the design reduces risk by ensuring critical loads are always protected with highly predictable runtimes and battery redundancy. 

Bin Lu, senior vice president of data centre systems, secure power, Schneider Electric said: “With its industry leading density and N+1 availability, this Galaxy VS expansion addresses the growing need within the edge computing and data centre industries for solutions that are highly available, fully managed, and highly efficient without increasing UPS footprint.”

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