Schneider Electric expands modular DC power options

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Approved reference designs accelerate deployment while reducing risk



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9 November 2018 | 0

Data centres have become the powerhouses of the data-driven wave of business, and as such, anything that can increase efficiency, reduce risk and increase the speed of deployment is generally welcomed by data centre keepers and operators. This is especially so as organisations look to build out data centre capabilities towards the edge, providing the same levels of performance and resilience closer to where it will be needed.

Schneider Electric has been something of a pioneer in the prefabricated data centre space, and it has further expanded its range of power portfolio EcoStruxure Ready prefabricated modular power solutions, all with Uptime Institute TIER-Ready reviewed reference designs. The offerings are aimed at addressing demand in data centre industry among the likes of cloud and service providers for faster and easier ways to deploy power, with lower risk.

The new TIER-Ready reviewed designs are available as a 90kW Tier II All-in-One module and a 500kW Tier III multi-module solution for 400V regions, as part of the EcoStruxure for Data Center architecture. The reference designs include comprehensive technical documentation, schematics, layouts and equipment, all reviewed and approved by Uptime Institute.

The Uptime Institute’s TIER-Ready design review programme has been developed to help improve the process from design to deployment for customers who are pursuing full Tier Certification for their prefabricated modular data centres. It boasts the top DC infrastructure manufacturers as adherents, further ensuring compatibility, easy integration and guaranteed performance levels.

“Prefabricated and modular data centres are on a growth trajectory as organisations strive to bring business services closer to their constituents,” said Phil Collerton, Chief Revenue Officer, Uptime Institute.

“These services must be delivered with the same level of mission critical performance seen in larger data centres, but at a dramatically smaller scale, which can be deployed in a fraction of the time, all without incurring the traditional risk associated with remote infrastructures. The TIER-Ready design review program dramatically simplifies and speeds up the Tier certification process, while reducing costs by as much as 50% to the end-user,”

Schneider said it is seeing increasing demand for more critical power with shorter lead times. To address that need it has developed its range of prefabricated power modules and skids from 625kW up to 1.25MW in 400V regions. Its customisable designs feature the latest high efficiency Galaxy VX UPS with Li-Ion battery options, Prisma LV switchboards, all of which EcoStruxure Ready.

“Cloud and service providers, as well as our enterprise customers, are increasingly seeking modular construction methods to improve speed of deployment, standardisation and simplicity, while enabling more predictable and dependable data centre operations,” said Andrew Bradner, vice president, prefabricated modular data centres, Schneider Electric.  “With our expanded power portfolio and the release of the TIER-Ready reviewed designs, we continue to reduce deployment times and simplify the way data centres are designed.” 


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