Savvius Spotlight advances network performance monitoring and troubleshooting

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3 July 2017 | 0

Savvius, the network security and monitoring company, has developed a new capability for its network appliances, and as a standalone unit, to advance the ability of IT professionals to quickly identify and solve network performance problems and locate network security issues.

Savvius says its Spotlight application provides those responsible for network performance with visibility into the specific information required to significantly reduce the Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) of network issues. The application is available as an option on Savvius Omnipliance models T300, M200, and C100, and as a high-performance standalone 1U appliance.

Data in motion
Patrick Johnston, vice president for sales worldwide, Savvius, said with a renewed focus on not just network troubleshooting but also performance from an SLA perspective, there is a greater need for “understanding data in motion”.

Previously, network monitoring and management products were limited to presenting summary information based either on aggregated packet-level metrics or on one-sided flow data that was missing critical measurements such as quality and latency. Solving problems with that limited information required time-consuming additional steps. Savvius says that Spotlight takes advantage of dramatic increases in compute capability now available in the family of Omnipliances to apply packet-based expert analysis to every single flow in the monitored traffic, even when hundreds of thousands of flows are being created each second. Spotlight has a rich variety of means, both automated and manual, say the makers, to filter the results to those specific flows and nodes that the network operator needs or wants to see. If they wish to drill down further, a single click integrates packet-level forensics.

Ambiguous data
“The traditional network monitoring concept of ‘capture, store, retrieve, and display’ just doesn’t scale to today’s fast networks, leaving those responsible for network performance with ambiguous data that requires tedious deciphering and interpretation,” said Larry Zulch, president and CEO, Savvius. “We started by asking our customers what they wanted to know about their network, even if current products couldn’t supply it. Our team came up with innovative approaches to supply the information they desired on fast networks in real time, and then developed a beautiful and functional user experience to make it useful. The result is Savvius Spotlight.”

Savvius Spotlight specifically identifies the poorest-performing aspects of a network by assembling two-way flows and evaluating each one for TCP quality, VoIP quality, application latency, network latency, and more. Spotlight allows IT teams to intuitively map and navigate the network, enabling them to zoom in on specific segments or poor-performing servers or nodes with actionable details for faster mean time to resolution. Integrated continuous packet capture for one-click packet-level forensics (available on Omnipliance) and the ability to export streaming analytics to Elasticsearch complement the Savvius Spotlight technology.

Savvius Spotlight has applications for network security as well, said the maker, that can sift through millions of flows in real time to identify flows which violate IT policies or have characteristics deemed suspicious or worth investigating.


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