Saorview Connect to bring on-demand functionality to DTT

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20 January 2016

RTE has partnered with Freesat to develop a new product for viewers of the Saorview digital terestrial TV service. Saorview Connect will allow viewers to access a range of on-demand content as well as Saorview television channels, all integrated into a new set-top box with a range of additional features.

By connecting a Saorview Connect box to both broadband and a television aerial, viewers will be able to watch on-demand and catch-up content alongside the Irish television channels. The new set-top boxes will feature an easy-to-use programme guide, including a roll-back television guide providing one-click access to catch-up programming.

Saorview Connect will be based on Freesat’s connected television guide solution, Metaphor. The recently launched service for satellite, terrestrial and cable operators is based on Freesat’s award-winning UK based Freetime service. Freesat will integrate the Metaphor platform, set-top box application and mobile applications with Saorview’s existing linear service to create the Saorview Connect offering. Freesat will provide the solution as a fully managed service.

Saorview Connect will have a range of new features, including content recommendations, programme title search, enhanced recording capabilities, and a new standard Saorview remote control. Together with a forthcoming Saorview mobile application, Saorview Connect users will be able to remote record programmes from wherever they are.

Noel Curran, Director General, RTE, said: “Saorview has come a long way since digital switchover just a few years ago: it is now the largest television platform in Ireland. Saorview Connect will offer viewers a richer experience and, by connecting a Saorview Connect box to broadband, viewers will be able to access a wider range of content.”

Saorview Connect will be available later this year.

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