Samsung’s new foldable phone is also a tablet

Samsung foldable smartphone
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Device would operate as a tablet to provide multi-tasking functionality



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16 October 2018 | 0

Samsung’s own mobile head, Mr DJ Koh, has provided a quick look at the technology giant’s long-awaited foldable phone.

Speaking to CNBC, Mr DJ Koh said that the unfolded version of the new Samsung device would operate as a tablet to provide multi-tasking functionality on a large screen, with the ability to fold into a portable phone.

This announcement matches the device found in this wonderful piece of filmmaking below that Samsung produced in 2014. If you haven’t seen this, you’re in for a treat.

If the device isn’t formally announced at the Samsung developer conference on 7 November there will be a lot of disappointed people as this has been hinted at before, but Koh was quick to say that the product had to reach his standards before it was shown to the wider world.

If Samsung manages to pull this off, the foldable phone could be the next step for smartphones – however, the real elephant in the room will remain battery life as powering a tablet-sized screen on a battery that must sit within a device that can fold to half its size will not be an easy feat.

Regardless, it will be exciting to see what comes out of the conference.

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