Salesforce launches streaming TV service, Salesforce+

Software giant upgrades from YouTube channel in streaming TV bid
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11 August 2021

Salesforce is launching a streaming business TV service called Salesforce+ that will roll out as part of its Dreamforce conference in September.

The company is designing the service on the digital content models used by companies like Netflix and Peloton but aimed at a business audience. The content will initially be created entirely using its internal team, under the brand name Salesforce Studios. Over time, though, it hopes to encourage more community content.

“The people watching Disney+, the people watching ESPN+, are the same people watching Salesforce content in a business setting, so why wouldn’t we follow that sort of direction? That’s really the genesis of this idea,” explained the company’s senior VP of brand marketing Colin Fleming in an interview about the new service.




The initial Salesforce+ content features new shows and content the company has already produced and distributes through its YouTube channel. One example is its 70-episode-strong Leading Through Change series, which launched in March 2020.

Other content on the service will include Connections, which features innovations with marketing executives from different companies, and a career advice series called Boss Talks. Another show, Simply Put, will be a short form programme featuring simple explainer videos for complex business topics.

The initiative will be the conduit for the company’s Dreamforce event next month, which moved online last year due to the pandemic. The event will be mainly online this year, with in-person attendance by invitation only.

Salesforce+ Dreamforce coverage will feature four broadcast channels with a combined 100 hours of initial content: Prime Time, Trailblazer, Customer 360, and Industries.

Prime Time will feature news announcements and customer case studies. Trailblazer will feature interviews with industry leaders and previews of Salesforce products. The Customer 360 and Industries channels will feature more case studies and innovation stories.

The company added that viewers would be able to customise their content into collections focusing on different topics, such as artificial intelligence and financial services. They will also be able to ask questions via the platform and get live answers from presenters during the Dreamforce event.

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