Rittal launches 11 to 25kW output blue e chillers


Chillers have precise temperature control, simplified operation and installation and new safety functions



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18 September 2019 | 0

Rittal has improved its range of cooling technology with its Blue e chillers in 11-25kW output class. The chillers have precise temperature control, simplified operation and installation, new safety functions and are more sustainable than ever before.

In many industrial processes, the re-cooling of liquids by chillers is a basic requirement for a smooth operation. Enclosures and machine tools, for example, must have strict temperature control for the precise machining of metal.


Rittal’s chillers are easy to operate and install, offer maximum user safety, and a hasty turnaround, according to the company. Sustainability and environmental performance were key concerns when developing the range. The company offers a mature solution package to meet all of these needs.




Its 100% aluminium heat exchanger with micro-channel technology requires 40% less refrigerant than other chillers. Further, the use of aluminium means that the possibility of galvanic corrosion is completely eradicated.

Regulated performance

The fan and compressor are regulated via digital controller to allow for precise regulation of the temperature of the cooling medium. As standard, the hysteresis is ± 2K; however, a precision control (hot gas bypass) of ± 0.25K is another option. This prevents temperature fluctuations that cause inaccuracies on the machined workpiece and ensures consistent quality.

Ease of use

The multi-lingual and industrial-grade touch display, plus the intelligent communication interfaces, make both operation and analysis easy. The parameterisation of the devices and messages read-out are performed quickly and shown in plain text.

Rapid commissioning

Uniform water connections, an adjustable overflow valve (bypass valve) and ideal accessibility to all the components make it easier for fitters and service staff to work on the units. Blue e chillers are ready for connection via plug-and-play.


Integrated overflow valves ensure that cooling water is constantly circulating when the consumer is closed and the pump is running. This protects the coolant pump from overload.

The valve is pre-set for the pump to be used for a 50Hz operation, but can be set at 60Hz. A filling level monitoring system ensures maximum reliability and improved availability. Besides this, optional flow monitors emit an alarm if the flow rate is too low and can detect hydraulic errors such as blockages in the system at an early stage.

Option packages

Pre-configured option packages meet the needs of most; from precision control systems with higher pressure requirements to robust outdoor applications in cold climates.

For further information, visit: www.rittal.co.uk  

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