Return to work a chance to reconsider importance of telecoms

TechBeat survey asks if it's time to put communications at the centre of business

22 February 2022

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic forced a restructuring of many companies’ operations as the workplace moved from the office to the home office. Traditional landlines went unused, mobile phone bills soared and teleconferencing software like Microsoft Teams and Zoom became standard tools for sales and collaboration.

With pandemic restrictions winding down businesses will begin re-evaluating their approaches to connectivity in the cloud, on mobile or via a traditional landline.

Are organisations rethinking remote working in favour of a hybrid model? Are the factors that influenced past upgrades the same as those that will influence the next?




TechBeat and IP Telecom are polling IT professionals for their opinions on how they see the telecoms landscape in 2022, where one lucky respondent will win an Apple Watch SE.

To take part click the link here.

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