Reliance Ozone launches room disinfection and sanitisation system

Reliance O3
Reliance O3

Irish-based company released the Reliance O3 after six months of development and rigorous testing



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23 October 2020 | 0

After six months of development and rigorous testing, Reliance Ozone has launched its newest product – the Reliance O3 Ozone Generator.

Reliance O3 is a portable intelligent room disinfection and sanitisation system that helps eliminate viruses and other types of pathogen

To halt the spread of Covid-19, there is a constant need to disinfect rooms in hospitals, schools, offices, nursing homes, sporting facilities and even the home.




Reliance O3 was developed to provide a high concentration of ozone in a room to produce a shock effect that destroys bacteria, viruses and odours. It generates ozone for disinfection and then deactivates it, leaving the disinfected sites ready for immediate use.

The product has a built-in sensor to check the ozone levels, while its LED warning and audio alert system ensures that people stay clear of the room until it is safe to enter because the ozone has reached a safe level or sufficient time has elapsed. It was designed and built in Ireland.

According to Reliance Ozone CEO, Anthony Tobin, Reliance O3 has begun engaging with potential resellers. “In the coming months, Reliance Ozone will bring to market not only the Reliance O3 but also several other products. We are now engaging with potential resellers and agents worldwide.”

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