Ransomware cited as biggest threat to organisations’ data by IT pros

Zero Trust Summit to discuss emerging trends in cyber security
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26 April 2022

Ninety per-cent of IT professionals consider external threats such as ransomware the biggest risk to organisations according to the latest TechBeat survey sponsored by Rubrik.

The report, based on the experiences of 100 IT professionals in Ireland, also found that a combined 54% of respondents felt their organisation was either well or very well placed to defend against cyber-attacks.

“The past years have had a number of high profile ransomware attacks internationally and at home from a mix of state actors and cyber criminals operating purely for profit,” said Niall Kitson, editor of TechCentral.ie and host of the forthcoming Zero Trust Summit.




“According to our survey the belief that the user is the weakest link in the cyber security chain hasn’t gone away, and this puts the onus on organisations to secure their data at the levels of both technology and governance. Any contemporary solution has to protect at the levels of intrusion prevention and in such a way as to make stolen data effectively useless to attackers.”

The subject of threats to data security will be discussed at the Zero Trust Summit at the Marker Hotel in Dublin on 19 May 2022. Based on the theme of ‘readiness for real world data security’ a panel of industry experts will discuss the evolving technologies and strategies for dealing with threats to organisation’s data assets.

Confirmed speakers include James Blake, field CTO, security, Rubrik; Des Ryan, director of solutions and director of cyber security, Microsoft; Matt Ford, security pre-sales specialist, Palo Alto Networks; Patrick O’Callaghan, managing director, Kontex; and Donachadh Reynolds, head of special projects, CRH, with more to be added.

For more information visit zerotrustsummit.ie.

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