RAI takes lid off Blockchain-powered voucher platform

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Industry body gets into crypto



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31 January 2020 | 0

The Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI) has begun offering a blockchain-powered gift voucher, redeemable at up to 3,000 member restaurants across the country. The platform was developed by eosDublin and is powered by Europechain.

The gift voucher platform is an industry first consisting of a listing website with a voucher purchase link using Stripe. The platform is integrated with the Europechain to protect against fraud and double spending.

“The RAI is proud to offer a nationwide restaurant voucher for all participating members. We were excited to hear that the platform was being built using the latest class leading technology and are happy to be part of this initiative. We look forward to building on our initial success for the years to come,” said Adrian Cummins, CEO, RAI




“Currently it can be difficult for individual restaurants to offer gift vouchers. They can be tricky to track, manage and process. In addition, when giving a gift of a meal, it is fantastic to offer a choice of restaurant, so your recipient can make the choice of dining.”

The voucher system includes a sales dashboard for members with real time sales, drill-down monthly reports and an ability to forecast incoming revenue. The system can also be used to track performance, redemption and refund ratios, as well as breakdown of sales by member.

Adam Bouktila, Europechain, said: “At the moment the system is super easy to use, restaurants can add their logos, have one click profile creation and also offer individual promotions and offers.

“We at eosDublin and Europechain are very proud to have worked with the RAI to develop such a progressive voucher platform which will deliver huge benefits to members and diners. This year, we will be exploring further enhancements to the voucher tool using blockchain technology such as NFT (non-Fungible Token) voucher creation, Escrow Smart Contracts and Incentive models. 2020 is going to be exciting.”

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