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1 April 2005 | 0

Similar to Bose units, the Creative Soundworks Radio is a stereo system that’s takes the shape of a large table radio. With an integrated subwoofer and a set of built-in speakers, the SoundWorks Radio CD 740 offers CD and radio functionality. It also delivers rich sound that defies its compact size.

About the size of a shoebox, the radio is black and silver. It sports a brightly backlit front panel, which displays the time, radio station information, and CD and MP3 title information when available. The 32-character display also shows radio functions, most of which are adjusted through a jog wheel that doubles as the volume control.

The radio is also packed with extras, particularly for PC users. You can rip MP3 music files and save them in separate folders on a CD ROM, and the radio’s CD folder selection sees and opens
each folder separately.

The credit card-size remote handles all of the many front-panel functions, including not one but two separate wake-up alarms.
Apart from getting you up out of bed on time, it’s clear that that the Radio isn’t a fan of French pop! The motorised slot-load CD mechanism on the radio failed and trapped my Serge Gainsbourg
CD. However, once the device was restarted, I was able to retrieve the disc in one piece.

Although created for use in the bedroom or living room, the SoundWorks Radio CD can be used as a set of high-end PC speakers. The unit’s speakers are magnetically shielded so you can place the unit near the PC or monitor without risking interference or harm to either. A front-panel auxiliary input and headphone jack means that you can find the right port easily.

Ultimately, the quality of the sound makes the device, and the SoundWorks delivers on this front. You will certainly see why subwoofer floor speakers are used to create bass sounds. This box
vibrates so don’t stand too close at maximum volume.

Creative Soundworks Radio CD 740 — €299
Dimensions (h x w x l): 16 by 14 by 9in
Radio: FM stereo tuner, AM tuner
Output: 75 Ohms
Contact: Midia 01 419 9700

Live! Verdict 4 stars
The Creative Soundworks Radio delivers CD and radio functionality with great sound and in a compact form factor. This is a great piece of kit to show off to your mates.





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