Paul Connell, Pure Telecom

Pure Telecom on track to double customer base by end 2019

Paul Connell, Pure Telecom

5 January 2017

Pure Telecom has surpassed the 40,000 customer mark, after adding more than 10,000 new customers in 2016. The Irish-owned telecoms provider now has 42,500 customers and is aiming to more than double its customer base to 100,000 in the next three years.

Paul Connell, director and co-founder, Pure Telecom, said: “The Irish telecoms industry is rapidly evolving and we have always made sure that we were at the forefront of that change, allowing us to capitalise on the digital age, rather than lose out.

“As we move towards the rollout of the National Broadband Plan and as margins continue to tighten in the industry, we expect to see more consolidation. The larger players will look to sweep up smaller broadband and telecoms companies in order to capitalise on increased demand as more premises become connected to fibre. It is going to be all about national scale and reach.

On the subject of changing media consumption trends and the role of high-speed connectivity Connell said: “It is a good time for the fixed line telecommunications industry. Ireland’s telecoms and broadband market is continuing to grow, with rural Ireland finally starting to benefit from wider availability of high-speed broadband. That has led to the emergence of the international ‘cord cutter’ trend, which sees consumers cutting their cable TV connection in favour of high-speed fixed line broadband to watch Netflix and other streaming media services. I expect the arrival of Amazon Prime in Ireland will intensify that trend. As a result, we will see pressure coming on the TV licence as people ditch their traditional TV sets.

“Our growth is a clear result of our investment in customer service, delivering lower prices than our competition, as well as faster Internet speeds such as our own 1Gb/s Lightning Fibre.”

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