More pros migrate from UK to Ireland than depart

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4 January 2018 | 0

According to figures from LinkedIn, Ireland is now receiving more professionals from the UK than migrate there.

The company said the UK now accounts for 21% of inward migration of professionals to Ireland, ahead of Brazil (18%) and India (11%).

LinkedIn speculates this migration may be down to a combination of a recovering economy here and the uncertainty of Brexit.

Unsurprisingly, the technology sector and software in particular, is the highest draw, followed by healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and HR/recruitment.

“The flow of talent between the UK and Ireland has long been significant,” said Sharon McCooey, senior director international operations and site leader, LinkedIn Ireland, “but this year the combined forces of uncertainty in the UK and our continued recovery in Ireland, led by strong growth in Dublin, sees us welcome more British resident workers to Ireland than the reverse.

“Ireland’s communities, businesses and leadership have built momentum behind the understanding that this is an attractive place to live and work. This is a trend that we expect to continue given that we will soon be the only English speaking member of the European Union. There’s no surprise that the software industry remains the biggest lure for skilled workers moving to Ireland, underlining the glowing reputation of the indigenous firms and multinationals operating here,” said McCooey.


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