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1 March 2018

If you’re reading this the chances are the novelty of a snow day – or three of them in a row – has worn off. Let me guess, the euphoria of day one gave way to a more sober ‘down to business’ of day two with the chance of a crabby day three increasing by the minute.

Yesterday’s joy has sowed the seeds for tomorrow’s cabin fever. Not so for the remote worker. That rarified breed that sure had their head turned by all that accumulation but knows all along that the only thing keeping them from a normal working day is a solid broadband connection and the presence of a customer checking their e-mail once in a while. Hey, it’s even a chance to catch up on some basic admin work to keep the accounts department happy.

It’s the dabblers I worry about. Not the habitual workers who spend most of their time on the road, hot desk at every opportunity and are more likely to join a remote call over Skype than press the flesh in person. They’ll be fine. Miffed, at first, but fine.

It’s the people who have the tools but rarely use them you have to feel for. The guys who can manage one day off due to ’once in a lifetime’ phenomena like Storm Ophelia or Emma. The guys who say ‘I actually get more done at home and work for longer’ but secretly crave the structure of a 9 to 5 with its banter and well-defined break times. Pity these folk who have the tools but not the discipline to use them for more than a day at a time.

If the thought of having to replicate an entire working day(s) at the kitchen table is filling you with dread, here’s a stat you’ll be able to take some comfort in.

According to a survey of 2,000 office workers by UK money saving brand Voucher Cloud, the average office worker is productive for only three hours of their eight-hour working day. That a meagre 180 minutes of solid output spread out by snacking, reading the news, talking to co-workers, messaging friends and family and even looking for new jobs.

So consider that your benchmark for the next few days. Three solid hours of work per day distributed however you like.

Now go enjoy some guilt-free snow.

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