Project Athens to provide a proxy server for Golang modules

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6 September 2018

Project Athens aims to bring the Google Go language (Golang) an open source proxy server for modules. Athens is currently in alpha release, so it is not suitable for production use.

Go Language is the Google programming language, in the tradition of the C family.

Featuring contributions from Microsoft and others, Athens offers a global registry for Go modules along with a standalone proxy server for deployment on premises. Go 1.11, the most recent release of Golang, included preliminary support for modules, which serve as collections of related Go packages and can enable more-reliable software builds.

Athens itself requires Go 1.11. Athens builds on top of the Go CLI, which specifies endpoints for communicating with external proxies providing modules.

Athena is intended to provide a place where dependencies reside. These dependencies are comprised of immutable code and associated metadata that come from GitHub, all of which lives in code that Athens manages. If a new package is released, Athens will access it.

Athens includes:

  • A Go proxy server implementation for edge deployments.
  • A protocol for authenticated module proxies.
  • Module notary servers for authenticating module source code.
  • A solution for companies that use Go to specify include/exclude lists to approve external Go packages.

Athens can be downloaded from its GitHub repo.



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