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1 April 2005 | 0

Perform is a production line information management reporting application that captures production line performance in real time and provides tabular and graphical reporting of the data.

Now at version 3.0, the software has a number of new features, with enhanced reporting and increased flexibility. It offers clear information reporting and can involve all members of a production team in process improvement and cost reduction activities.

According to the developer, Systematics Software, many ERP packages are not designed to report on real-time production line performance. Attempts to modify these applications can be costly and time-consuming, whereas Perform can operate as a standalone application or integrated with an ERP system.




With it, manufacturers can get information about how the production process is performing and where any opportunities for improvement exist — whether increasing output, improving efficiencies, eliminating waste or reducing costs.

Systematics Software: +353 (0)52-81900


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