Pressure mounts on ISPs to filter e-mail



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16 October 2006 | 0

Panda Software has joined the small but growing throng of security firms making the analogous connection between water supply and the quality of broadband connections.

“Comparisons can be made between the services offered by water companies and those provided by ISPs,” said the latest statement from Panda.

“Whereas the water companies are required to provide potable water, the ISPs are not subject to the equivalent demands.”




The argument is that ISPs should filter e-mail for malware before it reaches subscribers’ inboxes.

E-mail filtering can be much more aggressive at the so-called ‘cloud’ level before it arrives at consumers’ computers, because malware often originates from known ‘bad sectors’ of the Internet. It is thought that this type of service would significantly reduce the overall level of nuisance and malicious traffic on the Internet, making it a safer place to do business.

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