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1 April 2005 | 0

Retailing for €79.95, Trust’s 200NS Notebook Power Adapter Universal is a power source for the most common types of notebook and it allows the user to create a number of fixed power supplies.

If the power adapter provided with a notebook no longer works, the Trust Notebook Power Adapter can be used as a replacement. This reliable power adapter can be used as a fixed power supply for a notebook and means that it is no longer necessary to always take the original adapter with you. As a result, users are no longer limited to the standard adapter provided with the notebook.

This stable power adapter comes supplied with six letter-coded, swappable connectors and the voltage can be adjusted to be compatible with most notebooks. With a high power of 120 Watt, the adapter is suitable for models which require a lot of power, such as a notebook with a large 17in monitor.


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