Post-Brexit grant to accelerate growth of Irish companies internationally

Enterprise Ireland initiative will help Irish companies explore growth opportunities further afield
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29 March 2023

A new initiative from Enterprise Ireland has been launched that will help Irish companies impacted by Brexit to explore international growth opportunities in new markets outside the UK.

Under the new offer – called the ‘Post-Brexit Market Growth and Diversification Grant’ – eligible Enterprise Ireland and Bord Bia client companies can access a fast-track strategic market development programme that will assist them to develop a strategy to enter and grow new markets outside of the UK.

The new grant has been developed under the Brexit Adjustment Reserve funding, negotiated by Ireland with the EU Commission to support impacted industries post-Brexit.




“In general, exports to the UK have remained resilient since 2019,” said Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney. “This is in no small part due to the remarkable effort to prepare for Brexit by Irish businesses supported by agencies including Enterprise Ireland and Bord Bia.

“However, we are aware that there are certain companies and sectors for who the new trading relationship with the UK has resulted in a decrease in sales to that market. We want to help these companies to bring their products and services to new markets and to seek out new supply chain avenues. To do that effectively they need a strategic plan and this new initiative will provide them with the right tools and approach to thrive in new markets.”

Conor O’Donovan, manager global communications and strategic marketing with enterprise Ireland said, “Enterprise Ireland has assisted companies prepare for Brexit and adjust to the new trading relationship with the UK. Our ambition is to help build export-focused Irish business, delivering growth and jobs across all regions.

“The new Post-Brexit Market Growth & Diversification Grant, which provides companies with the expert insight and support they need to enter a new market, is critical to achieving that goal. This new initiative complements the other Brexit supports available through Enterprise Ireland’s Brexit Adjustment Initiative which provides practical, expert support on issues including strategic planning, marketing, innovation and competitiveness.”

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