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Positive Age celebrates 30th anniversary with new Gigabit connection

Thomas Smith; Debbie Ward, Vodafone Ireland; Stephen OConnor, Siro; and Philomena Smith

2 July 2018

Silver surfers in Cavan and Monaghan are to benefit from 1Gb/s broadband delivered by Siro at the Centre for Social Gain at Castlemanor Community Centre.

The rollout marks 30th anniversary of Positive Age’s social inclusion projects for older people.

Positive Age’s initiatives include technology training, arts and drama projects and educational trips abroad, with the aim of promoting a positive attitude to ageing and combating isolation of older people in the area.

Brian Daly, Positive Age, said: “We are excited to receive this service from Vodafone and Siro, as it will help power the Centre for Social Gain’s potential to provide a vital social outlet and a hub for lifelong learning in Cavan and Monaghan.

“Broadband is a key tool for helping to promote social inclusion and you only have to hear the stories from our members as to how communication has changed over their lifetime. The ability to see a grandchild on the other side of the world on a video call is literally lifechanging, so we are very grateful for the support from both companies.”

Stephen O’Connor, Siro director of corporate affairs, said: “Siro is helping to bridge the so-called Digital Divide between Dublin and regional towns like Cavan. There is another divide that we are very conscious of, and that is the differing levels of computer literacy and digital skills in Ireland particularly across the generations.

“Siro ran its initial technical trials in Cavan in 2015 and the whole town now has access to the same level of broadband connectivity as cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo. This partnership with Positive Age helps to make sure as many older people as possible get to experience Siro and enjoy the benefits of a connected world.”

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