Pivotal open-sources big data tools

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20 February 2015


Analytics software company Pivotal has announced that it has open-sourced the main components of its Big Data Suite of data management and analytics tools.

The company said that it is using its experience to offer users an open source choice to accelerate data-driven applications. Core components of the Pivotal Big Data Suite, including analytical MPP data warehouse Pivotal Greenplum Database, the enterprise SQL on Hadoop analytic engine HAWQ, and the NoSQL in-memory database, GemFire, will be based on an open-source core. The contributions, said Pivotal, will be an open, fully functioning core that will provide mission critical resiliency, advanced client support, performance optimisations for demanding enterprise workloads and advanced operational tools.

“Pivotal Big Data Suite is a major milestone in the path to making big data truly accessible to the enterprise,” said Sundeep Madra, vice president, Data Product Group, Pivotal. “By sharing Pivotal HD, HAWQ, Greenplum Database and GemFire capabilities with the open source community, we are contributing to the market as a whole the necessary components to build solutions that make up a next generation data infrastructure. Releasing these technologies as open source projects will only help accelerate adoption and innovation for our customers.”

Speaking to TechPro, Michael Cucchi, senior director, Outbound Product, Pivotal said that this was a natural step for the company.

“This was inevitable for Pivotal, as we have always believed in open source,” he said.

Cucchi said that there is currently a sea change inside enterprise data infrastructure, or big data management, driven by advanced analytics and in-memory computing and real time technologies, because this is where data and management of data interact with the enterprise.

“We are seeing a couple of trends in the market, as we work with large enterprises where they are being disrupted by upstart companies.”

With companies like Uber and AirBnB, said Cucchi, there is a whole revolution of start-ups that are starting from scratch, extremely agile and flexible, and they are leveraging data and advanced analytics to topple or re-invent industries

In almost all of these cases, at the root of it, is Hadoop technology said Cucchi.

“When we talk to our customers and our prospects, they all ask us to assist them in this journey towards being as flexible and agile as these upstarts.”

“Enterprise requires extremely stable, low risk, high competence services, as they have a much more complex ecosystem of software and partners that they need to interact with. They are coming to Pivotal to achieve that, while maintaining enterprise standards.”

“Pivotal is unique in being able to do that because of our heritage,” said Cucchi.


To read the full article, see the March edition of TechPro magazine, available 9 March.


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