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Paradyn launches new SD-WAN service

The market is expected to grow 40% annually until 2021, becoming a €4bn market
Cillian McCarthy, CEO, Paradyn. (Image: Pardayn)

27 May 2019

IT and communications service provider, Paradyn has launched a new SD-WAN service.

As one of the few Irish IT providers offering a managed SD-WAN service, it gives businesses the ability to dynamically connect multi-site locations, optimise network performance and reduce network connectivity costs.

Several companies are already piloting the technology.




The SD-WAN market has been forecast by the IDC to grow 40% annually through to 2021, becoming a €4 billion market.

By attracting customers looking to upgrade their network infrastructure and expanding its service offering to existing customers, it expects to generate €1.5 million in revenue over the next two years.

Its SD-WAN service helps companies deploy and manage network architecture, support multiple connection types, overcome network congestion issues, and steer traffic around network issues. Bandwidth availability is maximised, reducing the possibility of network outages.

According to Paradyn, traditional networks cannot maintain the speed and connectivity to facilitate the growth of cloud-computing. Attempting to overcome this by scaling legacy network solutions is time-consuming and costly.

With less people required for installation, management and support than traditional configurations, wide-area network costs can be cut in half.

Cillian McCarthy, CEO, Paradyn, said its customers name connectivity speeds and consequent sub-optimal application performance as some of the greatest barriers to successful digital transformation.

“SD-WAN can overcome these challenges seamlessly. While there are many significant benefits to SD-WAN, there are also many elements at play and many decisions to be made which can make adoption seem complex. That’s where a managed service provider like Paradyn comes in.

“We can manage every aspect according to the customer’s needs, with all the work taking place in the background so end-users can simply enjoy a seamless experience with all applications and services working exactly as intended.”

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