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OSSM Cloud partners with SmartFreight to revolutionise the logistics landscape

Solution enables irish businesses to make their operations Brexit-proof
Ray Ryan, OSSM Cloud Solutions, and Gavin Warwick, SmartFreight

5 December 2019

OSSM Cloud Solutions, a Dublin-based Oracle NetSuite solution provider, has partnered with shipping software company SmartFreight to launch SmartFreight NetSuite Connector.

SmartFreight NetSuite Connector automates the shipping process and enables freight management through a centralised cloud platform. The integrated solution is targeted at businesses that use multiple carriers for their shipping needs by integrating all options into one portal. It automatically selects the best shipping option for businesses based on parameters such as cost, service time or lowest carbon footprint. Bringing freight management into the Oracle NetSuite platform will better enable companies to choose the right delivery option for them.

With 300 organisations from Ireland and the UK already involved, the company said the software can help businesses to save up to 15% of their overall shipping costs.




Ray Ryan, CEO, OSSM Cloud Solutions, said: “This partnership is mutually beneficial for both OSSM and SmartFreight, while at the same time creating an innovative solution for every business in Ireland and the UK seeking to optimise their sales and delivery systems. A centralised platform for shipping, that integrates seamlessly with existing ERP software, removes what has been a huge headache for businesses. We’re predicting strong demand for this service which will build upon our own recent growth and extend our reach to new markets.”

“With continuous market uncertainty, both indigenous companies and global corporations relocating to Ireland must look to markets beyond the UK to Brexit-proof their business,” said Gavin Warwick, partnership manager Ireland, SmartFreight.

“This partnership creates new opportunities for businesses, enabling them to lower their shipping costs and easily manage the process from a single software platform. E-commerce continues to grow exponentially, and theSmartFreight NetSuite Connector provides businesses in this industry, as well as manufactures and distribution companies of all sizes, with a truly global shipping solution.”

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