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6 October 2017 | 0

Oracle has announced the development of a new AI Platform Cloud Service, which the giant software vendor says is designed to enable developers to quickly create and deploy enterprise services with AI features built in.

In a discussion panel at Oracle OpenWorld, SVP of Oracle Cloud’s product development, Amit Zavery said: “Oracle is in a unique position to deliver AI across all layers of the cloud, empowering customers to uncover and unlock critical business patterns in their enterprise data to transform organisational productivity, efficiency and insight.”

The company also used this as an opportunity to embed ready-to-use AI and machine learning capabilities across its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and IoT services via what it calls Adaptive Intelligent Apps.

These new features are available immediately within Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud, and the new Oracle Customer Experience Cloud.

Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd also emphasised this point during a Q&A session, in which he mentioned that embedded AI capabilities are able to improve efficiency across an enterprise.

What we should point out is, although Oracle has come out with these new AI services and features, the company has strategically made it less about AI as a solution and more about applying it into applications.

That may explain why it doesn’t have a name, like Salesforce’s snappily branded Einstein capabilities. Oracle just refers to it as ‘AI Platform Cloud Service’.

Whatever they can do, Oracle can do better so they say
According to the vendor, the new AI service enables customers to adopt advance machine learning to transform their business processes.

This encompasses cognitive AI, analytics, data services, IT management and security operations use cases.

For example: “AI integrated into HR applications, AI integrated into sales applications. Integrating AI directly into those applications is a tremendous competitor advantage,” Hurd said.

Hurd expanded on his point during a Q&A session, saying: “Silicon Valley is an incredible place, with an incredible amount of innovation but historically the way the enterprise business has evolved is that the innovation of companies has come in pieces.

“I innovate on a server, I innovate on an operating system, I innovate on a database All of these things actually come from separate companies.”

So as Hurd explains it, rather than following the process of Silicon Valley businesses, Oracle is looking to develop simpler, more integrated and more capable systems for customers.

Oracle’s Cloud AI Platform is available now for customers to deploy on a subscription basis or on-premises using Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Oracle pushes AI apps
Oracle has now launched AI-powered apps across various disciplines, including finance, HR and supply chain.

Oracle’s aim in delivering these AI apps is to enable business users to adopt AI within their current tools, rather than having to shift data into a separate AI solution.

The company also delivered chatbot capabilities to its Oracle Mobile Cloud platform. With this, customers are given the ability to create customer-facing bots.

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