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1 April 2005 | 0

Astaro Security Linux version 5 is Open Source security software that now includes Intrusion Protection and new Virus Protection for HTTP and FTP traffic. Version 5 will also stop viruses in password-protected zip attachments.

Comprised of some 60 Open Source projects plus the Company’s own proprietary integration and updating services, Astaro Security Linux combines a firewall, VPN gateway, intrusion protection, virus protection, spam protection and surf protection (URL filtering). It also bundles a hardened Linux operating system that can run on any x86-compatible hardware, and is also available as a pre-installed appliance solution.

Available as an optional service, Version 5’s Intrusion Protection combines both a pattern-recognition intrusion detection, and an intrusion prevention technology that immediately blocks attacks when they reach the protected network.




Conventional anti-virus gateway products scan messages that pass through e-mail servers, but provide no protection when computer users download files and use Web-based e-mail from their Internet browsers. As another optional service, Version 5 offers Virus Protection for the Web, and now has full anti-virus coverage for Email (POP3 and SMTP) and Web (HTTP and FTP) traffic.In Astaro Security Linux V5 the integrated VPN capability is augmented by L2TP over IPSec, which enables clientless native Windows IPSec support.

Astaro Security Linux V5 can automatically generate and distribute Astaro IPSec client configurations eliminating the need for complex manual client configurations. This enables the mass distribution of remote VPN clients and minimises problems caused by faulty client configurations, making IPSec VPN as easy to configure as SSL VPN.

Version 5 also has unified logging and reporting for easier reporting. Data can be collected, and, with push-button ease, be evaluated and packaged into management reports in HTML email format to serve as documentation.

Pricing starts at €390 for a 10-user licenses. Spam Protection is a free subscription service. Intrusion Protection, Virus Protection for Email, Virus Protection for the Web, and Surf Protection are optional subscription services.

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