Nokia to launch 5G certification programme

First-of-its-kind programme to train and certify industry professionals
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19 February 2020

Nokia plans to launch a certification program to help industry professionals to realise the full business potential of end-to-end 5G networks. The Nokia Bell Labs End-to-End 5G Certification Program will train and certify ICT professionals at both associate and professional levels.

The programme will launch at the end of February with the introduction of its associate level certification and end-to-end 5G foundation course. Professional level certifications and courses will follow later in 2020.

Designed for business and technology professionals at communications service providers and enterprises, the course content will range from the basics of 5G networks to professional level planning and design.




As employees become more proficient in the application of end-to-end 5G technologies, companies benefit from faster realisation of 5G strategies and the competitive advantage of providing high value 5G services, Nokia claimed.

“5G is dramatically changing the communications landscape, providing the need for a broad, technical program that provides professionals not only with a firm understanding of end-to-end 5G technologies but also the skills to apply them effectively when creating network solutions in support of emerging business opportunities,” Marcus Weldon, Nokia CTO and president of Nokia Bell Labs.

“As 5G investments are still in relatively early stages, we feel the timing of this end-to end 5G certification program is ideal, ensuring the coming years of intense 5G activity have profound, positive impacts for consumers and industries alike.” 

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