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1 April 2005 | 0

Logitech’s Cordless Presenter doubles up as a handheld navigation device for presentations and as an optical mouse.

The unit uses Bluetooth wireless technology to control presentations up to a distance of 10m. At the flip of a switch, the presenter converts to a cordless optical mouse. For notebooks that are not Bluetooth-enabled, the Cordless Presenter has a mini USB wireless receiver.

The device is also fitted with an integrated laser pointer which can be used to highlight points on the screen during a presentation.




The unit’s curved shape fits comfortably in the user’s left or right hand. Its large ‘forward’ and ‘back’ buttons navigate easily through Microsoft PowerPoint documents.

Logitech MouseWare bundled with the presenter lets the user program the buttons in either mouse or presentation mode.

An onboard LED displays the status of the Bluetooth wireless link and also serves as an indicator of battery life. Two scroll buttons are dedicated to vertical scroll while the device is being used as a mouse.

The Cordless Presenter is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, Me and Windows XP.

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