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Nintendo hack exposes thousands of user accounts

Mass password reset needed for old NNID accounts
Nintendo Switch. Image: Nintendo

27 April 2020

Ninttendo has issued a warning to to 160,000 users of its Nintendo Network after hackers were able to obtain access Nintendo Network ID (NNID) login names and passwords.

It’s unclear exactly when the hack happened, but Nintendo says accounts have been compromised since the beginning of April.

Nintendo is notifying affected users via e-mail, but only people with an older NNID account are at risk. However, even if you have a newer Nintendo Account for Switch, you may have linked it with your NNID to share eShop funds across the different systems.




What’s the worst that can happen?

Someone with your NNID username and password would be able to purchase digital items like games and Fortnite V-Bucks using your payment information if your NNIS account is linked to your Nintendo Account.

Nintendo is already resetting all passwords for affected accounts and has disabled the ability to use your NNID to log in to a Nintendo Account. Nintendo also recommends that all users turn on two-factor authentication to protect against unauthorised logins. If you haven’t received an e-mail or a password reset alert, it’s probably a good idea to change your password anyway, just to be safe. Also if you’ve used your NNID password for any other account, you should change those too.

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