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1 April 2005 | 0

BT Northern Ireland has launched Northern Ireland’s first Public Access Wireless LAN network with the Hastings Group of hotels as its first live site partners.

BT Openzone gives travellers the chance to work remotely on BTs broadband network without having to plug in to any phone lines. Users can access the Internet and get a secure, fast connection to corporate networks while out of the office. Those equipped with a laptop and Wireless LAN access card can avail of data transfer speeds that are almost ten times faster than a standard 56k modem.

To use the service, Wireless LAN-enabled machines must be within range of the BT OpenZone areas — about 200 metres.




The first BT OpenZOne location was the Europa Hotel, Belfast, and three other hotels have since gone live: the Everglades in Derry; the Culloden Hotel in Craigavan; and the Stormont Hotel in Belfast.

Esat BT has also confirmed that it has signed a contract with the Imperial Hotel Cork, to provide a similar wireless service.


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