Is a new style of technology partnership emerging?

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9 September 2014 | 0

There have never been greater pressures on organisations in the current business world, as competition from the giants is matched by that from start-ups that are agile, aggressive and well organised.

All of this is complicated by the accelerated pace of change, driven by economics, customer expectation and fast changing technology. Processes, business models and even how a business describes itself require constant review and change. Inability to meet these pressures means a loss of competitive edge, or worse.

Outsourcing has become a major focus for organisations as a way to divest of those non-core activities that can distract and divert precious resources. But when dealing with the myriad issues described, is it now time for a new kind of technology partnership, where technology partners are openly invited to participate in the innovation process?

Sources in the market are reporting changes already whereby organisations are demanding closer ties, both geographically and in terms of cooperation with technology partners. No longer is it acceptable to have a development or support partner in a far flung place, several time zones away. The pace of change has demanded greater responsiveness, greater availability and deep collaboration that was not facilitated by older, off-shore models.

TechPro, in association with Comtrade, want your insights as to how the current outsourcing market is changing in light of these pressures, and perhaps developing toward new models.

With the chance to win an iPad, we invite you to tell us what’s really going on and whether these developments can deliver the edge Irish organisations need.




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