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New certification to tackle data centre sustainability issues

Carbon dioxide emissions from data centres equal to those of global air travel
(Source: IDGNS)

3 September 2019

According to TCO Development, by 2030 data centres could be using 13% of global electricity. In 2010, they accounted for just 1%. To combat this growing issue, the company is developing new criteria for data centre products to promote more sustainable practices.

Data centre products can have adverse effects on human health, ranging from health and safety concerns to human rights violations. The criteria seeks to tackle these issues too.

By the end of the year, TCO Certified, the global sustainability certification for IT products, will include the criteria. It will expand to include network equipment, data storage products and servers.

“By including data centre products in TCO Certified, we help drive more sustainable solutions and enable purchasers to make responsible choices,” said Sören Enholm, CEO at TCO Development, the organisation behind TCO Certified.

Demand for sustainable IT products and solutions is growing. The challenge for purchasers is to verify claims made by IT brands. This is where independent third-party certification comes in. Criteria drive responsibility and transparency in the supply chain and enable circular solutions.

“In December, IT brands can start applying for certification to the new criteria. Purchasing organisations then get access to data centre products that are verified to be more environmentally and socially sustainable,” said Enholm.

TCO Certified has pushed the sustainable development of IT products for over a quarter of a century. A new generation is launched every three years.

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