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Portal aims to take telemedicine to the next level



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24 March 2020 | 0

A forthcoming digital health service will be giving patients access to medical practitioners without having to leave their homes. MyDoctor will enable patients to see their regular GP in an online session using a smartphone app, tablet or laptop computer, or over SMS.

“Having practiced medicine for many years, I felt that a proper digital health service should give both doctor and patient the full experience of being together for an office visit,” said Dr. Andrew Jordan, GP and founder of MyDoctor. “Our goal is to take the telemedicine practice far beyond the current norm of video conferencing. This is real medicine.”

The service has enrolled more than 50 doctors in its first few days of operation.




Launching soon, the mobile app will provide for appointment scheduling, health monitoring and follow up. The service creates a complete record of the consultation which is stored in the patient’s personal health record on the platform. Mobile notifications help make the process easier for both doctor and patient.

Patients can search for their GPs on MyDoctor. Doctors are available to answer specific questions about Covid-19 and recommend testing, treatment or preventive measures for the virus.

Patients can pay for telemedicine sessions, text consultations or subscriptions to care plans using the MyDoctor platform. It can connect with health and fitness products like Google Fit and the iOS Health app. MyDoctor also integrates with BG5 monitors Omron glucose monitors for blood sugar tracking.

“We built the system so you can access your entire patient database and all of their health information in one place,” Dr Jordan said.

“Virtual care will become a critical component for how patients access their own GP, by creating a virtual practice for every GP, we can better meet patient needs, improve outcomes, and increase efficiency. MyDoctor platform is a doctor first tool, we hope will become standard in every GP practice in Ireland.”

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