MSc in Electronic and Computer Technology (IoT)

New MSc covering the Internet of Things is designed to meet the demand for a new kind of IT specialist



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19 December 2019 | 0

In association with Software Skillnet

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept describing the interconnectivity and collaboration of a wide variety of everyday physical objects connected via the internet.

IoT technologies are enabling a wide range of business opportunities in the context of smart homes, smart cities and connected healthcare. There is a strong demand for IoT professionals, who are competent in the design, development, management and support of IoT systems.




To meet this skills challenge, DCU and Technology Ireland Software Skillnet has developed, with consultation from industry, a level 9 Masters programme in Electronic and Computer Technology (Internet of Things). This grant-aided course will be delivered primarily online and will be supplemented by a small number of on-campus workshops.

The MSc in Electronic and Computer Technology (Internet of Things) is designed to meet the demand for a new kind of IT specialist, those who can:

  • engineer new interactive products – things;
  • acquire, fuse and process the data from things;
  • interact with, and interconnect these things as part of larger, more diverse, systems.

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