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1 April 2005 | 0

The Watchful Eye program provides secret and secure computer monitoring for small business managers that are concerned with Internet safety and abuse among their employees.

Watchful Eye includes a complete keystroke logger capable of capturing all system keystrokes. Log files can be viewed by date and can be printed or saved. Log files are always encrypted so there is no risk of sensitive information being released.

The program also provides a Web address log that captures Websites visited by employees through their Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Opera browsers All addresses are logged with the date, time, current user, and particular browser.




Screen snapshots can also be taken completely unbeknownst to the user. These snapshots are taken at timed intervals and are organised by date and time. A slide show viewer is also included for easy snapshot viewing.

The program is also capable of recording programs that are executed on the computer. Whenever an application is executed, Watchful Eye will log the application name, date, time, and current computer user.

If desired, Watchful Eye can run in the background completely hidden from the user and provide a notification informing users that their computer use and Internet activity is currently being logged.

Watchful Eye’s unique remote log viewing offers convenience with security. Watchful Eye supports secure network viewing of logs. Passwords are never transmitted across the network and all logs are encrypted using the strong Blowfish encryption algorithm.

A free trial version of Watchful Eye is available, but the full version sells for $30 and is available from

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