MongoDB will support multi-document ACID transactions

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19 February 2018 | 0

MongoDB will add multi-document ACID transactions support to its NoSQL database of the same name. Multi-document ACID transactions support has been the most-requested feature sought for MongoDB, said Seong Park, MongoDB’s vice president of strategy and product marketing.

Multi-document support is planned for MongoDB 4.0, which is due this summer and reached beta stage this week. ACID transactions already have been supported at the document level in the database; now they can be done across documents as well as across collections within MongoDB. Collections in MongoDB are analogous to a table in a relational database.

With multi-document ACID transactions support, developers could enable many-to-many data relationships. An order management system, for example, might have a transaction affecting five items, which needs to be reflected in the inventory system; this would be handled by MongoDB 4.0 without developers having to write code. The new capability should make transactions have a look and feel similar to what developers have been familiar with in relational databases. The company says multi-document transaction support will not affect performance in MongoDB 4.0 for workloads that do not need them.

There is an a sign-up open for the beta programme at MongoDB’s web site.


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