Millennial Index to help young job seekers find their ideal employers

Lisa Smith, EngageSmith
Lisa Smith, EngageSmith



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31 August 2017 | 0

Millennials looking to plan their careers will now have a valuable tool for gauging which companies are more likely to line up with their needs.

Designed with input from both millennials and industry, EngageSmith’s Millennial Friendly Index is a software tool that enables organisations to increase millennial engagement and reduce attrition.

EngageSmith invested €250,000 initially researching, developing and testing the software behind the Millennial Friendly Index. The funding for this came from the recent €400,000 private equity investment, leading to the creation of 20 jobs.

The Index will be announced on an annual basis from September and will rate companies in Ireland across all industries.

“Following constant queries by millennials and Gen Zs on what companies are the best to work for, I recognised that there is a gap in the market for a tool to bridge the gap between industry and millennials,” said Lisa Smith, founder, EngageSmith.

“As 79% of Irish millennials use online job sites and 65% use social media to find jobs, potential employees are often dissuaded from applying for companies with poor online employer reputations.

“As the economy is reaching full employment, the talent pool available to companies is shrinking. If companies want to reduce high attrition rates and associated costs of hiring and training new employees, then it’s important that they get the millennial friendly certification as soon as possible.”

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