Mircosoft Surface Neo

Microsoft give us a first look at the Surface Neo

Redmond gives a first taste of dual-screen tablet
Mircosoft Surface Neo

3 October 2019

Microsoft have shown off the long-rumored dual-screen Surface Neo.

Featuring a notebook-esque design that features two 9″ LCD
displays tied together by a 360-degree hinge, Microsoft are pushing the
new form-factor as one that privileges adaptability.

You can use it as a dual-screened tablet or as a screen-and-a-half laptop (similar to the ZenBook Pro Duo) via the magnetically-attached Bluetooth keyboard that flips around from the exterior of the device to the interior. When used in the latter form factor, the leftover screen-space transforms into a Mac Touch Bar-inspired mini-screen.




Microsoft say that the Neo will be running on a special optimised
version of Windows called Windows X. In addition to supporting “all”
Windows apps, Windows X will also help assist with app continuity across
both displays and help users get the most out of the Neo.

Under the hood, the Surface Neo is powered by a custom version of one of Intel’s Lakefield processors. Additional details on the RAM, storage space and battery life of the Surface Neo are not known at this time.

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