Microsoft announces new Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft's Surface Hub 2s (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft to launch Surface Hub 2S this summer, with prices starting at €9,799.99.



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18 April 2019 | 0

Microsoft has announced its new Surface Hub 2S, an interactive whiteboard following the success of the original Surface Hub released in 2015.

With prices starting at €9,799.99, the Surface Hub 2S will be available in the US in June and Ireland later in the summer.

Outperforming the previous Surface Hub on a number of criteria with over 50% faster graphics and 30% better power efficiency. It is a whole 60% thinner and 40% lighter, fitting easily in a conference room or a cramped workspace and making it a more flexible workplace tool.

Accessing tools that teams know and rely on is important, says Redmond, it brings the full power of Microsoft to the helm, supporting Windows 10, Microsoft teams, Office 365, Microsoft whiteboard and the intelligent cloud to harness productivity. It also integrates Office 365, so content is easily accessed, along with a range of other apps.

The Surface Hub 2s is ideally suited to collaboration and team communications. (Image: Microsoft)

With a 4K, 127cm (50-inch) multi touch display and high calibre pen-and-touch experience, it supports collaboration on a shared digital canvas.

For those joining a meeting remotely, the Surface Hub makes the gap between the physical and digital workplace smaller than ever with built in Microsoft teams and Skype. With a large screen, 4K camera and quality mic and speakers, everyone on the team, local or remote, can actively engage with the content.

No wall mounting or AC power connectivity is needed with a mobile stand and APC charge mobile battery, creating a mobile collaboration experience free from the confines of the conference room. It moves easily without interrupting work flow.

Existing Surface Hub customers can utilise the updated Microsoft whiteboard and enhanced teams’ integration for a more consistent experience.

The nature of collaboration differs for each workplace, and no one approach fits all needs, says the maker. As such, Microsoft will have more offerings in the coming months. The Surface Hub 2S display will be ideal for those who needs pen and touch interactive display, without the compute. Or, for specialised Win 32 scenarios, a new configuration for Surface Hub 2S customers to run windows 10 Desktop on their devices. A 216cm (85-inch) version of the Surface Hub 2S will also be on offer in early 2020 for those wanting a larger screen option.

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