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Microsoft adds new tools for reporting spammy Windows Store reviews

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9 November 2015

If you spend enough time browsing the Windows Store, you’re bound to come across a fair share of spammy or useless reviews that add little to the conversation. In an attempt to improve matters, Microsoft is making it easier for developers to report low-quality user reviews.

As reported by WinBeta, developers can now report questionable reviews to the Windows Store support team. From there, a support representative can remove the offending review if they determine that the review violates store policies. The company also put new anti-spam technology into place that can “detect and remove a large majority of the spam reviews”.

Developers can also reply to a reviewer’s concerns directly, a feature Microsoft put in place last year, as WinBeta notes.

Taken together, if implemented properly, these additional tools should go a long way toward controlling spam on the Windows Store, and make reviews a more useful and relevant tool for users who want to determine whether an app is worth downloading or purchasing.

The Windows Store’s quality problems aren’t new and Microsoft’s new spam-reporting tools are not the company’s first attempt at cleaning up the mess. Earlier this year, Microsoft put new policies in place to try and reduce the amount of low-quality apps. Prior to that, in August 2014, the company pulled 1500 ‘crap apps’ from the store.

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