Memorex Telex rebranded as EDS Global Field Services



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1 April 2005 | 0

Memorex Telex, which was bought by EDS in 2002, has been rebranded EDS Global Field Services in a bid to take the multinational firm more into the medium-sized company market in Ireland and elsewhere.

EDS has traditionally been focused on business process or IT outsourcing and applications development for large enterprises. Speaking to Channels, managing director Pascal Naylor, said: ‘The aim is to drive new clients to EDS and to run shorter run projects, and to capitalise on the strength of the EDS brand.’

Shorter run contracts typically mean 2-5 years as opposed to the 5-10 years for large enterprise market, an EDS strength.
However, Naylor says that the MT brand has not disappeared completely. ‘The business of fulfilment will remain under the MT brand but services will become the focus.’ Staff who were employed at MT prior to the acquisition by EDS have been retrained to take on board the services-led approach of the parent company. ‘We’re taking the sales aspect of MT and the services approach of EDS and combining them together.’ EDS GFS now employs 150 people in Ireland.

He refers to the shorter run contracts as ‘tasking’ rather than full-blown outsourcing ie projects that look after specific parts of business processes or IT rather than a wholesale outsourcing of IT.
Naylor says the long term aim is for the EDS GFS to rank among the top three services firms in Ireland. the firm works closely with Microsoft, HP, Veritas, EMC and Citrix. Application development looks set to become one of the service differentiators for EDS thanks to a new solutions centre that will focus on this area.

The introduction of EDS GFS brand worldwide comes amid efforts by the company to revive its flagging fortunes. Naylor says that 2005 should see a marked increase in marketing activity designed to raise its profile.





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