Marketing agency 256 tackles growing content chaos with SiteSeeer

SiteSeeer analyses hundreds of data points to quickly show what is working and what is not
Karen Hesse, CEO of Siteseer

27 May 2022

Irish digital agency 256 has developed a new proprietary technology to help brands sort out the content chaos on their websites.

SiteSeeer replaces multiple expensive subscription tools and reducing the need for an in-house team of tech savvy content strategists and analysts.

With SiteSeeer businesses regain control of their ‘content chaos’ and can plan future content strategies to attract and retain customers.




A content audit is the bedrock of content strategy and digital transformation. It shows how well a brand’s content efforts meet its customer’s needs and it gives a roadmap of where to invest resources to get the best results. SiteSeeer analyses hundreds of data points to quickly show what is working and what is not.

“Content is the fuel of engagement, yet more than 90% of content gets no traffic,” said Karen Hesse, CEO, and founder of 256. “There are literally billions of dollars in marketing budgets being wasted on useless content that no one wants.”

“It’s time to slow down and focus on quality over quantity and the starting point is auditing your content inventory. SiteSeeer lays the foundation for businesses to build their content success on,” said Mark Scully, head of digital, innovation and strategy at 256.

“We want to acknowledge the great support we’ve had from Enterprise Ireland in developing SiteSeeer as well as the brilliant team in 256 and our supportive clients who have inspired this investment,” continued Hesse. “There’s a significant lack of expertise in this space and we believe the opportunity to support enterprise marketing teams in tackling content chaos and improving return on investment is very exciting.”

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