MAPICS maps out Ireland strategy


1 April 2005

MAPICS, a supplier of software and services for manufacturing and supply chain management, is to be directly represented in Ireland for the first time.

The company will have a local presence through its UK and Ireland Master Affiliate business partner, Open Business Solutions, which recently opened an office in Dublin. Open currently employs four people. David Smith, account manager, heads the team for Ireland.

‘We’re not a new entrant in Ireland,’ Smith stressed. ‘We have significant ongoing revenue streams and we also want to embrace and protect our existing customers.’




In the 1980s the company established a presence in Ireland, with sales achieved through the two methods MAPICS uses throughout the world. The first is selling direct to large, multi-national customers on a corporate account basis, with their regional subsidiaries addressed by local project-managed by MAPICS.

MAPICS has had customers in Ireland since the 1980s, either through direct sales to multinational corporate accounts or via Master Affiliates such as Open Business Solutions.

To date, MAPICS has 54 Irish user sites, which vary from the subsidiaries of multinationals to smaller Irish enterprises, some of which may be involved in global supply chains. These include APC, Shannon Aircraft, Abbott Labs and Pratt & Whitney. ‘We had no feet on the street until now. Customers came to us, so we probably fell over the business, but now we’re focused,’ said Smith. He said he expected a ‘fierce battle’ with other ERP vendors who are scrapping for market share in Ireland.

The company has a target of €1m sales by year-end, which will come from between four and six customers depending on the size of the deals.

‘We can see fresh potential for achieving sales in specific sectors of the manufacturing industry in Ireland,’ said Richard Montalvo, MAPICS’ regional director, EMEA support centre. He added: ‘The current climate does not change the significance of Ireland as a strategic, logistical springboard into Europe and beyond. Ireland is attractive to multinationals as an ideal region in which to base subsidiary manufacturing operations.’

Headquartered in the UK, Open Business Solutions is a profitable company with a turnover of €27m and 160 employees. It is part of the Anisa group of companies, which numbers AIB Bank among its stakeholders. Last year an associate firm, the design software specialist NT CadCam, opened an office in Dublin.

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