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1 April 2005 | 0

NetSight Atlas is a set of system-level management tools that provides advanced control in network administration and operation.

It includes several plug-in applications that utilise shared capabilities in the application, including discovery, event management, event and alarm logging, device tree, maps, graphing and VLAN management. Atlas enables the configuration and administration of hundreds of devices simultaneously with just a few mouse clicks.

Plug-in applications include the NetSight Atlas Inventory Manager, NetSight Atlas Policy Manager and NetSight Atlas Access Control List Manager. NetSight Atlas is the control centre from which NetSight Management applications are launched.




The NetSight Atlas advanced control and administration features allow Enterasys to further the delivery of the User Personalized Network, an architecture that maps technological capabilities to user requirements. 

To assist IT managers with the implementation of NetSight Atlas, the NetSight Atlas Implementation Service covers installation, implementation, configuration, graphing, reporting and customisation.

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