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ManageEngine webinar: Building a resilient cybersecurity strategy for 2019

Explore how proactive strategies help enterprises stay on top of attacks

6 November 2018

According to the latest cyber security breaches survey by the UK Government, more than four in ten businesses (43%) have been victims of cyber breaches or attacks in the last 12 months, an even smaller proportion have established formal cybersecurity policies.

Just this past year, organisations have faced device processor vulnerabilities, increasingly complex DDoS attacks, an increase in compromised business e-mail , evolving ransomware variants, and vulnerabilities in serverless apps. Hackers who utilise and develop these threats aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

With the advent of new and more stringent privacy legislations, enterprises have begun to realise the gravity of data thefts and subsequent threats, but apparently have yet to a resilient cybersecurity strategy. When building a cybersecurity strategy, an enterprise can take two approaches – proactive and reactive.

Proactive strategies help enterprises stay on top of attacks by gaining granular visibility of incidents happening across their networks and endpoints in real time. Reactive measures help strengthen their security perimeters and build a more resilient security infrastructure based on past oversights.

Join this webinar series to hear product and security experts from ManageEngine speak about building a foolproof cybersecurity strategy with real-world use cases. In this webinar, you will: 

  1. Discover how unified endpoint management helps eliminate IT silos while enhancing endpoint security.
  2. See why privileged identity management is the key to a strong data loss prevention strategy against insider threats.
  3. Learn how security information and event management can streamline incident management as well as preempt and mitigate security risks in real time.

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