Magnet remote support connects people

New service is extended to friends and families of remote workers
Magnet Networks' Louise McKeown (Image: Magnet Networks)

22 April 2020

Magnet Networks has taken its IT support expertise and experience to provide a new service for those affected by the COVID-19 restrictions that aims to get and keep people connected.

A team of IT experts can now remotely solve most technology issues for home workers or people in isolation, says Magnet.

Based on its experience managing outsource IT issues for a range of companies and industries nationwide, Louise McKeown, marketing director for Magnet Networks said they were surprised how many clients had asked them to solve issues for loved ones who may be in cocooning or in isolation in recent weeks.

“As clients recently looked for virtual support on issues arising from setting up and operating remote working, such as printers and video conferencing, they also began to ask about other home tech issues,” said McKeown.

McKeown said that the support team have experience in providing support to people, regardless of their level of skill.

“Connectivity has never been as vital and if a family have a loved one who is currently at home and unfamiliar with technology, we will solve their issue, no matter how small, and guide them through processes simply and slowly using a phone and language that they can relate to,” she said.

To avail of the service, the person need only fill out an online form and a call back will be made to the person, or someone they nominate, within 60 minutes.

For as little a flat fee of €25, issues such as maximising Wi-Fi coverage, technical problems with laptops and tablets can be addressed.

“We solve 97% of issues on the first call,” said McKeown. “This could be virtually setting up smart devices that have been sent via post, solving issues with laptops and video conferencing – as well as helping older people to sign on and become familiar with technology.”

See for more details or to avail of the service.

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