Loylap’s technology expands payment options for customers of leading UK Group

Patrick Garry and Conor O’Toole
Patrick Garry and Conor O’Toole, Loylap

Irish fintech’s partnership with Bannatyne Group creates a gym and spa experience transformed for the Covid-19 era and beyond



11 June 2021 | 0

In association with Loylap 

LoyLap, an Irish company specialising in digital payments and customer engagement software for businesses, has announced a step-change in its relationship with the one of the UK’s largest operators of health clubs and spas, the Bannatyne Group.

The chain will now start using Loylap’s payments technology across its operations which will facilitate their members to pre-order products directly from their mobile devices, while selecting a collection point at any of the group’s premises.




As regular operations recover in gyms and spas across the UK after a difficult period of Covid-related lockdowns, the Bannatyne Group has embraced Loylap’s technology as it is designed to reduce physical contact in the near term while offering members greater convenience in their experience both now and well beyond the pandemic.

LoyLap and Bannatyne’s have an established relationship which over the past six years, has driven innovation in the gym and spa sector in the UK market. The hallmark of the partnership means that customers of Bannatyne’s benefits from a modern, personal and streamlined experience through the incorporation of the latest digital payments solutions.

In 2015, Bannatyne’s began using LoyLap gift-cards before rolling this product out in all of its hotels and health clubs across the UK. Bannatyne’s subsequently set out to take the gym cashless in a response to member preferences not to bring cash or card into their clubs. LoyLap devised a solution and introduced wristbands with an RFID chip inside linked to a debit card via the LoyLap wallet, enabling Bannatyne members to pay with the wristband. The bands have proven to be a huge success, with more than 200,000 accounts set up by Bannatyne members.

CEO of LoyLap Patrick Garry said: “At LoyLap, we are committed to finding new and innovative ways of incorporating digital payments into the toolkits of businesses while simultaneously creating a positive experience for customers. We are proud of our partnership with the Bannatyne Group, which through its ambition, scale, and commitment to innovation, has allowed us to showcase what a first-class digital payments system can do.

“Working with Bannatyne across LoyLap’s range of products, we have streamlined operations, improved company knowledge of member preferences, and, most significantly, delivered a step-change in the customer experience. These solutions, while cutting edge and highly effective, are also incredibly adaptive and affordable – this is the message that LoyLap is taking to businesses of all sizes as we move from the struggle of the pandemic to a further acceleration in the digitisation of our economies.” 

“Everything we do is designed to give our members the best experience possible,” said Duncan Bannatyne, CEO and chairman of the Bannatyne Group. “Working with Loylap has enabled us to provide members with innovative contactless payment solutions.  The member B:360 wristbands are a ‘one stop shop’ for gaining entry to the health clubs, operating the lockers, contactless log in to our Wellness app when using Technogym equipment and payment for food, drink and other products within the health clubs and spas. 

“During the Covid-19 pandemic this has proved invaluable, and the next logical step was to enable pre-ordering from our café bars for takeaway or eat in options. LoyLap offers us the solutions we need.” 

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