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1 April 2005 | 0

Londis TopShop has implemented DI-Diver software to analyse and manage sales performance at its network of convenience stores.

The company, which was formed in 1998, is expanding rapidly and expects to operate some 300 outlets by the end of 2004.

Sales information is automatically collected from each outlet’s point of sale system for analysis and reporting at Londis TopShop’s Cork headquarters.




This data is then compared with purchasing information supplied by Londis’ exclusive supplier ADM as well as with budget data. DI-Diver, which was supplied by Dublin-based System Options, is then used to establish trends, analyse the data and generate reports.

DI-Diver is used by the company’s management team and business analysts. The software supplies information that allows staff to analyse and report on the business at summary level or in detail. Londis TopShop can also use the tool to track trends using individual criteria such as by shop, by region or by week.

Gerry Galvin, IT Manager with Londis TopShop said: ‘We really needed a solution that did not require heavy investment in terms of both time and money as well as being capable of delivering information from disparate sources… What struck us immediately was the ease of use of the product combined with the speed and power of the software in providing us with vital information at the click of a mouse’.

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