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15 May 2006 | 0

Linksys has launched a device to optimise network performance by giving preferential treatment to time-sensitive network traffic such as VoIP or internet telephony signals.

The OGV200 is designed to eliminate network latency for high-priority applications inside a home network.

Network latency is the time that it takes a data package to travel from source to destination.

High latency times can cause online games to become unresponsive as the game is waiting for data from other players. Latency in internet telephony can cause pauses and poor sound quality.

“Even the slightest lag in network traffic can affect someone’s online experience, particularly when it comes to gaming, video or VoIP,” said Mani Dhillon, director of product marketing at Linksys.

The OGV200 uses quality-of-service techniques to identify time-sensitive data, allowing it to prioritise voice and video traffic.

The device is placed between the home router and the cable or DSL modem, and Linksys claims that it functions “out of the box” and requires no configuration.

The Linksys device can only deal with latency in the consumer’s home network. Network delays also can be caused by the internet provider or other segments of the public internet.

The OGV200 is available immediately and is expected to retail at around €70.

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