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1 May 2018 | 0

Less than one in 10 European organisations have taken sufficient steps toward establishing a fully-fledged multicloud strategy, according to a recent IDC study.

Multicloud is the emerging use of multiple cloud computing platforms, and differs from hybrid cloud in that involves the use of multiple public providers, as opposed to a mix of public and private infrastructures.

“Virtually all European enterprises will soon use multiple cloud services [multicloud]. The smart ones are already actively planning for those services to be benchmarked, price-compared, and selected against each other based on the workload need,” said Giorgio Nebuloni, research director, European Multicloud Infrastructure, IDC. “To get there, a central point of control based on software and potentially services is needed, as are strategic approaches to skillsets, processes, and data centre infrastructure.”

According to the analyst, successful multicloud strategies involve tackling business decisions from a spectrum of organisational standpoints, identifying whether workloads are fit for public cloud, and which are better run in a private cloud. An ever-changing cloud landscape means IT buyers also need to constantly evaluate the cloud vendor landscape, it said.

In this context, the IDC report found that only 9% of European organisations can be considered multicloud ready, or “Pathfinders”, according to a number of technology and business dimensions. The majority (around 80%) are stuck in the transition process from hybrid cloud environments, while 10% are considered “Bystanders” with little multicloud progress.

More than a third (34%) of European organisations reported no plans to move workloads from current cloud providers over the next 12 months. Less than a third (29%) of UK organisations plan to move from one cloud provider to another, but the proportion is seen as an indicator of a more fluid market.

Nearly half (42%) of European organisations cited management and control of cost as their most pressing multicloud data management priority, which is highest among large European enterprises, with 51% selecting it as a top concern.

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